The world didn't end on 21/12/12 and we all got a chance to celebrate the New year 2013 so Happy New Year All Of You..!!
Coming to the point.. Aisha (Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant) is a app launched by Micromax for some of their devices and then Dis-countinued.
But don't you worry, we are here for your rescue.

1.Aisha   (5.2mb)
2.Any File manager (suggested)
So let's start (Video Tutorial)
1. Download the Aisha from the link given above
2. Transfer it to your Memory Card
3. Make sure you have Ticked Unknown Sources app, To do so go to Settings>>Applications>>Unknown Sources and just click on it
4. Now open the File Manager and browse the file you have Downloaded above
5. Just click on Aisha and HIT Install.
That's it you have done it..!! Simple isn't it.?? ;)

If you try to Install it on Micromax devices it will work properly but on other devices by other brands it will give you notice that "Aisha is only for Micromax devices"

What can be done for this..?? We are there again. Follow this method
Requirements:- Iris   (1.2mb)
Yes just one step
1. Install Iris from Play Store
Iris just like Aisha both are same with some "here and there"

Features of "Aisha" and "Iris"
- calender (Remind me of the
meeting coming friday)
- Alarm (Set alarm at 540 am)
- Call someone (can you please call
- text someone (send a text to Bob)
- search nearby (find me a nearby
coffee shop)
- play music (play the song rolling
in the deep)
- ask movie reviews (should I
watch the movie Mission
- watch videos (show me a video of
cat singing)
- find news (what is the news
about SOPA)
and lots and lots more. Discover
for yourself.
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  1. Thank you so much for your support..!! :)

  2. Hi…
    I have a doubt im in thinking of buying canvas 2…but i had a doubt that all we know that camara was out of the panel…
    will it cause any damage to that lense…
    bcoz im a rough user…may i know will it cause any damage to that lense while i put phone in any hard surface,…

  3. @Kishan Varadharajan there are few chances but get a will protect it the cover will b slightly over the lens but not in the camera vision.....subscribe our our review and suggest our blog to your friends.. :)

  4. hi, in recent i saw few reviews regarding installing AISHA in A116. I downloaded Aisha and installed in my A116. When i click the icon, it Opens & pops, "Installing required data, please wait.. this will take - 5-10mins. aisha may exit after installation." But even after 1 hour, it is the same. Can u comment / help on it?

    1. That's one of the bug in Aisha. That's why Micromax removed it. Try Iris. Stay connected

    2. can u suggest on a best assistant for indian accent, with features like call & text, calendar & alarm and also open apps / games / music.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Can u tell if these can work offline, i.e without internet?