With Android 4.0 ICS & 4.1 or 4.2 you get a new lockscreen. With a lockring in the middle to unlock your device. You must have seen in custom rom which have different lockrings. Its not a geeks job to customize it. You can even change the lockring with many cool collection of lockrings created by Faithcry. They make your device differentiate ffrom other. You can change your old ring with any ring which you like.
Requirements:- Metamorph form Google play store, Desired lockring, Rooted Android device
Note: Proceed at your own risk
1. Take a full nandroid backup of your device for safety.
2. Download any of the lockring from above and transfer it to your SD card.
3. Start Metamorph app. You will get two options
A. Unzip/extract new theme
B. Pick existing theme
4. Select unzip/extract new theme & now click on arrow logo (bottom right side) & select the lockring zip file you have downloaded
5. Now click on apply all button. Your device will freeze for few seconds and it will automatically reboot.
And as you phone boots up you will find a all new Lockring installed.
Tip: If you got struck in a bootloop the boot into recovery and restore the backup of your rom.
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  1. i have a droid razr m rooted boot loader is locked and i received the OTA that stops that exploit and when i unzip and apply all in metamorph it dose not install it is my locked boot loader the problem anything dealing with the lock screen or lock ring dosent work

  2. Is it working on JB 4.2? Just making sure for not to get a bootloop