Apple announced the iOS7 for iPhones, iPod, iPads etc. They have brought in some new features with their update to the iOS. Now users have all new themed launcher or app drawer. It has got a refreshing look and feel with the new icons. And not to forget the Control center. It makes easier to access the quick toggles such as wifi etc. The new lockscreen and there's even more
If you are one of the people who loved the new IOS7 UI and want to try it! Well then then you don't need to buy an iPhone. You can theme your Android device like Apple iOS7. We have selected some apps to make your Android device run iOS 7.
This is an iPhone style home screen launcher. Features smooth scrolling through apps. Icons have rounded corners and gloss effects. You can long touch icons to move them around and position them as you like. You also get a Dock-bar. Easily uninstall apps from your home screen. Press the back button to exit edit mode. Can change each application's name and icon by touching the app shortly in jiggle mode. It supporta 5 rows mode, just like iPhone 5. Create folders & shortcuts. iLauncher support tablets (iPad mode) with Changable logo and live wallpapers too. But to enjoy this you will have to pay for it
Download iLauncher 
Tip:- For a alternative to iLauncher you can download any launcher from play store and just search for a iOS 7 theme compatible for it. For example on Go ex launcher
Control Center
Its a total look a like of the Control center what we found an the IOS 7. Inspired from iOS this app features same functionallity wit toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and for your apps. You can directly adjust the brightness etc right from it. Must try! And its free! There is also a pro version for which you'll have to pay.
Download Control Center free
iOS 7 Live Wallpaper 3D
Aside from what iOS 7 wallpaper design, you can also choose background color and have a background pattern. You can control your background pattern opacity on setting. The iOS 7 color gradient will change color over time. It has got a Bokeh Effect. There are 3 bokeh type on this live wallpaper. You can enable/disable each of. these bokeh or choose their opacity. And also there is Parallax Effect 
Download iOS 7 Live Wallpaper 3D free
Fake iPhone iOS 7 Lock screen
It features Pin Code unlock, Enhanced control panel including: flashlight, brightness control, clock and calculator. With 3 iOS 7 themes you can choose your own lock screen background. Excellent performance and much more
Download Fake iPhone iOS 7 Lock screen free
Now there you have it iOS 7 Launcher, Control center, Lockscreen, Live Wallpaper. A full iOS 7 themed look right on your android device. Enjoy!
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