Cyanogenmod was working on the project "Nemesis" and they have finally released their camera app called Focal. The app brings a lot of modifications to your camera app giving you a whole new user experience. You can swipe up from the bottom to access settings and other options. The app is very easy to use and simplistic.
The Focal camera app can be installed on almost any android device running Android 4.2 or above. The Focal camera app is still in beta phase and the team Team Cyanogenmod is working on it. So due to this you may face force close issue. Download it and install like a normal app. It won't replace your stock camera app.
Download: CyanogenMod FOCAL.apk
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  1. Force Closes every time on 4.1.2.

    I think this only works with 4.2 and above. Where did you get the idea that this would work on "almost any android device running Android 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 or above"?

    1. Sorry for the trouble caused. We didn't tried it one of the user reported us. We will update the guide as soon as possible. Stay connected