Nowadays people are connected easily and we all have too many friends. And as we know more friends means more contacts. And in Android the good thing is that we can store practically unlimited contacts on our smartphones and tablets. The same thing is with our SMS messages. People send us Jokes, Notes, Wishes etc they all are very important. But some times there are chances to loose them for eg. If your device get lost, Re flashing Software or a new Rom. There many chances to loose them. So we decided to give you easiest method to Backup and Restore you Contacts and SMS and even access them on any other Android device
Backup your Contacts on Gmail a.k.a Cloud
1. Go to Settings and then in Accounts and Sync or Google Account
2. You will get an option to Sync Contacts. Click on it
3. It will sync all your contacts with your Gmail account
Now your Backup is stored in Gmail. And whenever you need it suppose after a factory reset just go to accounts add the same Gmail account and start syncing the contacts again after a few minutes you'll have your contacts back
Backup your Contacts in SD Card
1. Go to the Contacts app of your device
2. Press the Menu key of your device and then click on Import/Export
3. Now select Export to SD Card option
4. It will ask you for permission to create a Vcard click Yes
Your Contacts Backup is created. Now you have a Vcard file in your SD card and when you will click on it, It will read it and restore your contacts. You can even send this VCard to anybody and they can restore on their device.
Backup your Messages (SMS)
1. Install this SMS Backup & Restore app from Google Play    
2. Start the app and click on backup and it will backup your SMS in XML format
3. To restore click on Restore button and select your backup file
You can share the SMS backup (XML file) with your friends via Bluetooth or Email etc
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    1. Its very simple. Just upload your backup on any cloud storage like Google drive etc. And after formatting download it back

  2. In the Android world, anything is possible. With several Apps available for free for different usage such as backing up and restoring, you don’t have to worry any data on your mobile phone from getting lost. Ruby Badcoe @ Williams Data Management